Latest Project News

Chacewater Recreation Centre

I am sure you will all be pleased to know that the Parish Council have appointed South West Community Builds to take on the management of a new fantastic building for our Parish.

Watch this space for more updates.

Chacewater Projects

The Chacewater Projects was set up in 1996 with a grant of £2500.00 from Carrick District Council in order to provide small facilities or information which would enhance the community of Chacewater, its environment and the residents.

Since its formation there have been a number of projects started some of which are now complete.  We seek grants to enable the Projects to evolve.  Projects are never started unless there is sufficient funding in place or agreed beforehand.

In recent years we have taken on the organisation of the Christmas trees in the main street; the Annual Childrens’ Christmas Party and the Annual Bonfire & Fireworks Spectacular with the backing of Chacewater Parish Council.

Details of all meetings are advertised in “What’s On in Chacewater” and everyone in the Parish of Chacewater is automatically a member.  Residents are encouraged to come to the Chacewater Projects for ideas about the environment and how it can be improved.  Some committee members work for just 1 “Project” others work for all of them.  We encourage people with expertise suitable for a particular project to join the committee.

An annual general meeting is advertised and people encouraged to attend.  Reports on the activities of The Chacewater Projects is given regularly to Chacewater Parish Council.  The accounts are audited annually.