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The Dowr an Chas Centre

We have been working very hard on the application for funding from the Sports England ever since the grant fund was advertised and we have been looking forward to the autumn when we were told the grant fund together with the specific criteria would come on line.  Since then we have worked to gather all the evidence, information and back up that is needed for such a very large bid.  You may aware that we would need a large grant to set the ball rolling to encourage other smaller applications to join in.  With most big projects like this you just need one big one to get going.

So we were very disappointed this week to hear that Sports Cornwall has told us not to continue to work on the application as it would not fit their criteria in terms of having regional significance.  ….”  He even said that “no project in Cornwall is deemed to have regional significance!!! He did mention the Inspired Sports Facilities Fund which is between £20k and £150k, somewhat smaller than the other fund!”

In the light of this there is probably little point in going any further with this project as it stands.  That the plan drawn up by Scott Hesketh is too over ambitious and with so little chance of getting funding we are wasting our time on the project as it stands.  It is probable that the partner organisations will call a halt to this and to formally decide not to take Scott Hesketh’s design any further.

However we should not necessarily stop there.  The “homes” of our partner organisations are still not fit for purpose and prevent them from going further with the improvements to their futures that they desire.  We were right to join together to get the best possible building and to say that any plan should go through Chacewater Parish Council, after all they are the body that owns the Recreation Ground and they would have the say over anything that is done, especially with regards to building.  But the time has come to take a step back and look at how we can make progress for everyone, maybe in a different way.  For that reason we are advertising a public meeting on Thursday 12th January at in the Main Hall at Chacewater Village Hall.  If you are interested in any part of this project we would urge you to please tell everyone as soon as possible and join us for a discussion about where to go next.

One good thing I think has come out of this project so far is the positive way in which all the partners have been working together for the good of the whole community.  This was especially evident at the Village Fair in August and on Bonfire Night in November.  Ii is very much hoped that this spirit to co-operation and good will continues.  It’s good for the whole community.

On a personal note I can tell you that at that meeting I intend to step down as project co-ordinator.  I have spent hours and hours and hours on this over the last 5 years, meeting Council officials, the architect, quantity surveyor, fund raiser et al, together with communicating with all the partner groups and so on.  I feel now that the time has come for someone younger with more energy, vitality and stamina to take over.  Don’t think I’m giving up altogether, I’m still very much in favour of providing good facilities for our community but as I get a bit older so I have less energy and would like to drop some at least of my responsibilities.

Brenda Bailey
Project Co-ordinator