Chacewater Neighbourhood Plan

Chacewater Neighbourhood Development Plan


On the 3rd August 2018 Cornwall Council advised the Chacewater Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Strategy Team that the initial Draft NDP did not require a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) or Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA). So, the Draft NDP is now posted on the village website for comment as part of the Pre-submission Consultation process period, which runs from Saturday 15th September to Saturday 27th October 2018.

We look forward receiving any comments you may have in relation to this most important community document, either through completion of a line or two of the ‘Public Consultation Comments Page’ (also posted here) or via of the following contacts:

Mr Robin Knill: 01872 561364, 07816 773218 or

Mr Tony Roode:

Mrs Terie Chesworth:

Mr Steve Leech:

The Draft NDP and other support documents posted on this website are hopefully structured in such a way as to enable the reader to grasp why it is needed and give an insight as to key factors that need to be covered in order to protect our Parish from any unwanted development.

So, please do have a look at it – assume Draft to mean it is at least 95% there – and provide feedback as you see fit; it really will be most welcome.

Many thanks!  

Robin Knill

Chacewater Parish NDP Lead

Contact details as above

Draft Chacewater Neighbourhood Development Plan


Public Consultation Comments Page

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Housing Needs Analysis

Chacewater Parish Local Landscape Character Assessment

LLCA Field Assessment and Pressures-Forces for Change Tables

Youth Engagement Report

Chacewater NDP Team TOR

Chacewater NDP October 17 Survey Q Analysis

Business Questionnaire Analysis Report

Chacewater Parish Draft Local List

Chacewater Designation Decision Notice

2nd Steering Group Meeting 1 Apr 17

3rd Steering Group Meeting 8 May 17

4th Steering Group Meeting 5 Jun 17

5th Steering Group Meeting 3 Jul 17

6th Steering Group Meeting 4 Sept 17

7th Steering Group Meeting 6 Oct 17

8th Steering Group Meeting 11 Nov 17

9th Steering Group Meeting 24th Jan 18

10th Steering Group Meeting 19th Feb 18

11th Steering Grp Meeting 13th March 18

12th Steering Group Meeting 4th Apr 18

13th Steering Group Meeting 8th May 18

14th Steering Group Meeting 11th June 18

15th Steering Group Meeting 2nd July 18