Chacewater Neighbourhood Development Plan

A broad cross section of the Chacewater Community are now fully engaged in drawing up our Local Neighbourhood Development or LNDP for short. This is illuminating, informative but in some respects painstaking and time consuming work, however, all of the volunteers involved in this project recognise its importance and are enthused by the commitment of those around them. Experience suggests this will be a lengthy process (we anticipate about 18 months and so probably the end of 2018) but if we can draw up a useful, relevant and well understood LNDP it will hold us as a community in good stead as far out as 2030. The attachments provide an insight into the progress made to date and this will be updated on a monthly basis from now on or as key decision making points are made and milestones achieved.

Finally, this is very much a community focused (and led) project, so if anyone wishes to become involved in our future, please do make contact with Rob Knill in the first instance at: gillian_knill@hotmail.com or by phone on: 07816 773218 or 1872 561364

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LNDP Questionnaire Sept 2017


LNDP Draft Vision and Objectives




Public Planning Day 27 Sep 2014


Initial Start Up 6 March 2017


Agenda – 01 April 17 Mtg


2nd Steering Group Meeting 1 Apr 17


3rd Steering Group Meeting 8 May 17


Agenda 4th Meeting – 05 Jun 17


4th Steering Group Meeting 5 Jun 17


Policy Objectives (DRAFT)


5th Steering Group Meeting 3 Jul 17


Vision Statement (DRAFT)


6th Steering Group Meeting 4 Sept 17


7th Steering Group Meeting 6 Oct 17